Open mats

BJJ is an endless journey of daily accomplishments that always leads to a new challenge, and the best way to challenge yourself… Open Mat.

Open Mat sessions are a supervised time to roll with students of all levels. During these sessions, you will practise and put into action those things that you have been learning in class. You will discover your strengths, you will discover your weaknesses, and you will cultivate your ability to adapt to new situations and apply appropriate techniques as each opportunity presents itself.

You will also have the opportunity to train with students with varying levels of experience. You will train with newer students, at which time you can refine your technical detail and perfect the positions you have struggled with in the past. You will also train with higher belts, at which time you will discover and hone in on your weaker points; you can practice defence, ask questions and learn how to improve your game. This will also show you how to make your class time even more productive and give you an eye for detail when instruction is given in classes.

For higher belts, the responsibility of sharing techniques and training philosophy with newer students is taken seriously; and plays an important role in maintaining a safe, friendly and progress- oriented environment at our school.

Come challenge yourself and take the next steps toward greatness.